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Throughout the year, seasonal gift baskets are created at Birtch Farms. Filled with farm grown or locally produced items such as wine, nonalcoholic beverages, preserves and cheeses, these baskets are an appreciated souvenir of the area. Whether you are looking for a speaker gift, a corporate gift, a hostess gift, or a family occasion gift, you will not be disappointed.

Our gift baskets can be tailored to any requirement you have. You can choose from our selection of gift basket options or put together your very own combination of local flavour. You choose from wine accessories, wine racks and carriers, glassware, fruit wines, candles and holders, crafts, and non-alchoholic preserves, maple syrup, honey cheese and more.

You can choose from our selection† of gift baskets below or create your own gift basket. 

We have added a couple of new selections:  Oxford County Basket, and the 100 Mile Basket which we do not yet have posted on the gift basket section  Call to ask about these.

Choose this gift basket for a truly “local” gift. – Our Oxford County Basket

Vintner’s Favourite

A selection of our vintners four favourite wines including Oak Aged McIntosh, Elderberry, Harrow Delight Pear and Black Currant Apple on a base with wrap and ribbon

Priced at $68.00†

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Best Sellers

Rhubarb Strawberry and Blueberry Wine gift wrapped

Priced at $36.00†

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Gadget Lover

Corkscrew, Drop Stop (dripless pouring), Wine Pump and sealer, Pourer/stopper, Wine

Priced at $40.00 – $57.00†

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Wine and Cheese

Brie Cheese, Crackers, 2 clear wine glasses, and a bottle of wine – gift wrapped

Priced at $30-35.00 depending on the wine chosen†

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Office Favourite

1 jar garlic preserves(250 ml), 2 jars pepper jelly(110 ml), 2 jars wine jelly(110 ml), brie cheese, crackers, choc covered popcorn, wine

Priced at $52-57.00 depending on wine chosen †

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Jelly Belly

Fruit jellie candies and 2 jars of fruit wine jelly(110 ml)

Priced at $16.00†

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Pepper People Pleaser

2 jars of hot pepper jellies(110 ml), 2 jars of sweet pepper preserves(110 ml), brie, crackers

Priced at $25.00†

Coffee Lover

Coffee mug and spoon in gift crate with three packages of flavoured coffees

Priced at $21.00†

For Your Honey

Small honey jar and dipper, 250 ml jar of honey, beeswax candle

Priced at $27.00†

Wine Jelly Crate

4 110 ml jars of wine jellies in a crate

Priced at $18.00†

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Wire Carrier

Metal two bottle wine carrier with wine

Priced at $40.00 – $45.00†

Gift Boxes

Cardboard boxes in varying colours, 2 bottle, 3 bottle, 4 bottle

Priced at $2.95 – $4.95†


single or double bottle crates

Priced at $2.00 – $4.00†

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Sparkling Cider

non alcoholic sparkling cider, brie, crackers, 1 jar(110 ml) wine jelly, 1 jar(110 ml) pepper jelly, 1 jar garlic preserves

Priced at $35.00†

Cider Lover

1 litre fresh pasteurized cider, mulling spices, cinnamon sticks

Priced at $12.00†

Everything Apples

Apple design basket, apple napkins, apple jelly, apple butter, apple pie in a jar preserves

Priced at $28.00†

Gift Packaging Options

We carry a wide variety of packaging options from basic to deluxe, including flat bases, baskets, wine carriers, boxes and bags, sizzle, and a wide variety of ribbon and bow options to suit your budget.

Email us your order

Our friendly staff will be pleased to assist you in gift selection, whether it be for a personal thank you, wedding, anniversary, shower, birthday, Christmas or any other gift.

We also specialize in corporate gift giving solutions. From special labeling with your logo and message to custom made gift baskets, we will work to your specifications and budget.

Personalized labeling is always available. Make your gift or special occasion even more memorable and unique with your own message. Perfect for weddings!

† approximate pricing, subject to change. All photos are suggestions only, and can be changed to include any of the product lines available. Packaging can also be tailored to your budget. Prices do not include applicable taxes. If you are ordering from another province the pst is exempt. Current pricing are suggestions and can vary depending on the packaging options chosen, and the product lines chosen for your baskets.

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