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At Birtch Farms we strive to grow a wide variety of apples, allowing for a long “pick your own” season. Our experience in the growing of quality fruit exceeds 35 years. We stay current on the latest products and methods of growing apples through workshops with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and University research. Beginning early spring, we give our trees the nutrition and protection that they need to grow quality fruit for our customers.

Harvest and Pick your own season begins early to mid August, and continues until mid to late October.  Apple picking will be available until October 27th this year (2013)

The weather may create a bit of variation to the harvest dates listed. In addition to the well known popular varieties, we grow heritage varieties such as Northern Spy, Tollman Sweet and Snow Apples. We have planted new varieties such as Honey Crisp, Gingergold, and Braeburn, which are beginning to be available in limited supply. We continue to research new varieties, and as we remove old unproductive trees, we will replace with new varieties and trees that provide easy picking.

Pick your own Prices – 4 litre basket – $7.95   Half bushel $17.95

Our chart will give you some basic ideas for time of harvest and usage .  We also have Jona Gold, harvest around the same time as Golden Delicious.

Apple Varieties Harvest Date (MM/DD) Eating Baking Salads Sauce
Paula Red 08/20 XXX XX X XX

Paula Red

Ripens mid to late August. With every week of later ripening the shelf life of an apple is extended. Red/green skin, white flesh, sweet/tart flavour, this apple resembles the later Cortland variety in shape and flavour. Great for fresh eating and cooking. Should also be refridgerated.

Gingergold 08/20 XXX XXX XX XX


The fruit is large, conical and starts out a very pale green, though it will ripen to a soft yellow with a slightly waxy appearance.
The primary use is for eating out of hand, though it can be used for most other purposes. The flesh is a cream colour and resists browning more than most varieties. The flavor is mild but with a tart finish. Makes excellent apple pies.

Jona Mac 09/05 XXX XX XX XX

Jona Mac

A cross between a Jonathon and McIntosh apple, this variety ripens about 1 week prior to main season McIntosh. Retains crispness longer than McIntosh, taste is similar, size is somewhat smaller. Excellent eating and cooking.

McIntosh 09/15 XXX XX XX XX


The good old fashion Mac! A wonderful versatile apple. It’s great for baking, sauce, and of course eating. Do make sure you keep this in the refrigerator as it will go soft if not kept cool. Ready around September 15.

Royal Gala 09/15 XXX XX X X

Royal Gala

Cross between Golden Delicous and Cox Orange Pippin, this apple ripens just prior to McIntosh, around mid September – a very sweet early variety of apple. There are many varieties of Royal Gala, which range from solid red/yellow skin, to striped red/yellow skin, with light yellow flesh. A juicy sweet eating apple.

Honey Crisp 09/15 XXX XXX XX XXX

Honey Crisp

An explosively crisp new variety that ripens around September 15th. Great eating and cooking. Keeps well into the winter

Snow 09/21 XXX XXX XX XX


A heritage variety that ripens around September 21. Great eating and cooking, similar to McIntosh.

Tolman Sweet 09/21 XX XXX X XX

Tolman Sweet

Another heritage variety that we have brought back. Great for baked apples. A sweet crisp apple that ripens around Sept 21.

Cortland 09/25 XX XXX XXX XXX


Purple/red and green skin, very white flesh, this apple does not turn brown when cut. This makes it an excellent apple for salads. This apple is an excellent eating and cooking apple. Sweet/tart in flavour. Ripens mid to late September.

Empire 09/25 XXX XX XX XX


A cross between Red Delicious and Mcintosh apples, this is a very crisp dark red fleshed apple. Retains crispness for a long time, this is a good keeper. Flavour is tarter than delicous, but sweeter than mcintosh. Ripens late September

Red Delicious 10/05 XXX X X X

Red Delicious

The Red Delicious is one of the sweeter apples out there. It will keep very well in a chilled area. It should last over a month if kept cold. They are one of the most popular apples across North America. However, they are use primarily for eating. In a typical year, they are ready around October 5 or so.

Golden Delicious 10/10 XXX XXX XX XX

Golden Delicious

A sweet eating and cooking apple, this variety can range in colour from green/yellow to very bright yellow with orange blush depending on the soil it is grown in. Shape of a red delicous, but has a different textured flesh.

Ida Red 10/10 XX XXX XX XXX

Ida Red

Orange/red and green skin, yellow flesh, this is a very crisp apple, great for long term storage. Excellent eating and cooking apple. Ripens mid October.

Northern Spy 10/15 XX XXX XX XXX

Northern Spy

Skin color is green flushed with red stripes and it produces fairly late in the season. The white flesh is juicy, crisp and mildly sweet with a rich flavor. Its characteristic flavor is more tart than most popular varieties, and its flesh is harder/crunchier than most, with a thin skin.
It is commonly used for desserts and pies, but is also used for juices and cider.

Mutsu 10/15 XXX XXX XX XXX


Large green/yellow apple. Very sweet, crisp, great for long term storage as well. Ripens mid October. Excellent eating and cooking.

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